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Hello! NiceFart.io is a online multiplayer game developed by a small indie studio based on Canary Islands. You can follow us on twitter, facebook and youtube, or visit our website.

For media and business inquiries, please email us.

Last changes:

Increased leaderboard rows from 50 to 200.

Added interstitial advertisement.

Added more costumes and skins! Some costumes are secrets and need a specific name to unlock!

Minor UI changes.

Increased the server's capacity.

Added an initial song.

Added new costumes and skins!

Increased from 40 to 50 the number of games in the leaderboards.

Added a monthly leaderboard

The number of games on the leaderboard has been increased from 20 to 40.

Fixed some issues. Improved the server stability.

Added game servers for USA in New York

Added game servers for Europe in Frankfurt

Hello World!

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